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What is a domain name? 

A domain name is an internet address that belongs a person or business. A domain name can point to a web page and be used for email.

Importance of owning your domain name 

Your domain name is your identity on the internet. It is how people find your website and contact you via email. For a business it provides a more professional email platform. It allows your name to appear in your email address rather than a generic provider such as hotmail, gmail, or btinternet. Even if you have no need for the domain name at the moment it is important to register it to prevent someone else registering it, see our legal section for more details.

How to obtain a domain name

If you have an idea what domain name you would like click here to see if it is available. If you are not sure what you want or need contact us and we will be happy to advise.

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Further Info

Recommendations / advice If you are considering a .com or .co.uk we recommend getting both. This prevents anyone else getting the other and causing confusion for people trying to contact you. The choice of domain extension can be an important consideration depending on what purpose it is intended for. If you have questions we offer no obligation advice from highly experienced technical staff with the ability to explain clearly without jargon.

Domain disputes If your domain has been registered by someone else and they will not release it, or if another company is trading in your name you may need to seek legal advice. Domain legal disputes can be long expensive procedures. Our dispute assistance can help you cut through the technical jargon reducing your time and expense. The easiest solution to avoid these issues is to register the domains you want first. By registering your domains with Pryanet you get peace of mind with our guarantee that we will release it to you and transfer it out at no charge at anytime.

Are you tied to us for web hosting? - Domain purchased from us....Host anywhere. There is no obligation to take our hosting services. If you want to host your website elsewhere just let us know your hosts details and we will configure the domain to work with them. You do not need to transfer it to your hosting provider you can keep it with us and continue to enjoy all the benefits our domain services offer.

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Free domain forwarding If you have free hosting web space from your isp and just want a basic page but don't want to use their generic web address. We can forward your domains to that space in a way that hides your isp from the browser giving the impression of professional hosting. This method is acceptable for small holding pages. If you require a more fully featured site we do not recommend this method as it can affect your ability to get your site placed highly in search engine results.

Free email Forwarding All our domains include a free email forwarding service. This allows you to have an email address on yor domain which forwards all your email to your hotmail, gmail, btinternet or any other email account. With email forwarding addresses any email you send still comes from hotmail, btinternet or other address. If you don't want to send from a hotmail or other address we can provided email accounts which allow your emails to be sent from your domain name.

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